Christian Wiman: I Sing Insomnia

I sing insomnia
                          to the minor devils
prowling alleys
                         of my mind
loneliness’s lipsticked leer
no fix can ease
                         envy sipping bile
I make a lullaby
                           to make myself
into a sleeper
                      of the faith
             my little while
         without a why
                    –Christian Wiman, from Every Riven Thing

Two Lines from Wiman’s "One Time"

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To believe is to believe you have been torn
from the abyss, yet stand waveringly on its rim.

                                              –Christian Wiman, “One Time” from Every Riven Thing

Christian Wiman


Lately I have been drawn to writing poems that deal with faith . . . and doubt. So, it was with deep pleasure and compassion that I listened to this Bill Moyers’ interview with Christian Wiman, poet and editor of Poetry Magazine. Mr. Wiman speaks profoundly about faith, doubt, pain, death, and poetry, and I cannot recommend this interview enough. Take a listen.