Tool Shed


The shed locked up tight,
all my tools
safe from thieves.

The shed itself
is not safe—subject
to time, gravity,

and the carpenter bee
that always carries
his tools with him.



We call them banana spiders
though they do not look

like fruit; Nephilia,
lovers of spinning,

though we can’t know
what they love.

I wonder what they
call themselves.


More Backyard Fun

This is my third day off in a row–a rare event here recently, but it’s been nice to reconnect with the family. Today is breezy and cloudy, and last night’s light rain left behind a welcome coolness. I took the littlest munchkinette outside to talk to the flowers. We had a splendid time.

Backyard Fun

I was able to spend some time with the boys today, after they came home from school. We found this big skink, about 8″-9″. This isn’t the first one we’ve found, or the first one that I’ve blogged about–I guess the backyard is a welcoming skink habitat. Here’s a pretty good shot.

I came in a little closer, trying not to scare it away.

A little closer still.

This guy’s had a tough go of it–notice the scars on his head and back, and it looks like a fairly new tail. Moving in for the big-time closeup, and . . .

Yeah, he split pretty fast, made me jump. Up the tree he went. You can just make him out, center of the picture, left side of the trunk.

I saw a lot of other wildlife. Here’s two of the boys, digging in the ground for bugs. They get that honestly, I suppose.