Mary Oliver: The Morning Paper


Read one newspaper daily (the morning edition
      is the best
for by evening you know that you at least
      have lived through another day)
and let the disasters, the unbelievable
      yet approved decisions,
soak in.

I don’t need to name the countries,
      ours is among them.

What keeps us from falling down, or faces
      to the ground; ashamed, ashamed?

Mary Oliver: Poem of the One World


This morning
the beautiful white heron
was floating along above the water

and then into the sky of this
the one world
we all belong to

where everything 
sooner or later
is a part of everything else

which thought made me feel
for a little while
quite beautiful myself.

          –Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver: After I Fall Down the Stairs

(Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images North America)

After I Fall Down the Stairs 
                At the Golden Temple
For a while I could not remember some word
    I was in need of,
and I was bereaved and said: where are you,
    beloved friend?
                          –Mary Oliver, from A Thousand Mornings