Kierkegaard: Faith and Wisdom Do Not Come Easily

[I]t is very foolish [. . .] to think that faith and wisdom come that easily, that they come as a matter of course over the years like teeth, a beard, etc. No, whatever a man may arrive at as a matter of course, whatever things may come as a matter of course–faith and wisdom are definitely not among them.

–Soren Kierkegaard, from The Sickness Unto Death

Just Play the Note

There is something curious about you. Spiritually you are like a flute player who, if he would play the note as it is, could play it but who always wants to make it elaborate, and therefore it becomes false. 

–Soren Kierkegaard, from his draft for The Sickness Unto Death. (Not sure why SK didn’t include this in the final book.) 

Kierkegaard on existence

“. . . whether I am moving in the world of sensate palpability or in the world of thought, I never reason in conclusion to existence, but I reason in conclusion from existence. For example, I do not demonstrate that a stone exists but that something which exists is a stone. The court of law does not demonstrate that a criminal exists but that the accused, who does indeed exists, is a criminal. Whether one wants to call existence an accessorium [addition] or the eternal prius [presupposition], it can never be demonstrated.”

–Soren Kierkegaard, from Philosophical Fragments