(Image: Bruce Van Valen)

today as others
i rise up again to cry
this one piercing note


I had trouble pulling this together, but reading Sylvia’s post this morning inspired me to find the words I was searching for. Thanks, Sylvia! By the way, if anyone wants a real treat, head over to Sylvia’s place at spanishwoods. The photos are wonderful (she often uses her son Wolf’s photos, and they both have an unerring eye for line and color) and the words she adds are always beautiful, intelligent, and very well done.



Wasteful finches at the feeder
scatter seed over the front porch,
costing me more money than I
have to spend for the mere pleasure
of simple watching. 
                                   Yet I want
them here, I need to see that some
act of foolish kindness can still
bring joy in this world of hatred,
greed, and our endless bloody wars.