I resolve:

1. To maybe start exercising a little bit.

2. To try to gain more control over my mind.

3. To master the art of patience. I hope to have this completed
by Jan. 3rd or 4th at the latest.

4. To write on my blog more often.

5. To read more books than I read last year.

6. To be more comfortable with where I am in my life. I should start by getting some padded shoes.

7. To accept people as they are. And to try to change them into what I think they should be.

8. To come up with a solution to the quantum mechanics-general relativity problem.

9. To not die.

10. To not stress if I don’t follow through on my resolutions. Except for #9. That would really suck.


4 thoughts on “TOP TEN NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS 2016

    • The whole thing was a bit of a lark–I’m not much of a resolver. But I do hope to read and write more this year. Last year was pitiful. I hope you are able to write more, too–I love your work, rmp. I just need to make time, somehow . . .


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