Sunday Morning with Hayden Carruth

Carruth_bright wings

Today I woke and tried
to write some poetry.
As usual the words
wouldn’t behave themselves–
I gave up writing
to drink mimosas
and watch the soft rain
bead up on the driveway,
run off into the yard.

It dawned on me that I’ve seen
a lot of news video clips
of the Middle East
and in nary a one is it raining.
A lot of dead bodies bleeding
into the sand, but no rain.

I don’t want to see it anymore.

The dead bodies, that is.
The rain I can live with.

After the rain stopped
I picked up your book and read,

“Bright wings disappearing,”
and it reminded me why

against all logic,
against my better judgment,
against the way of the world,
I still write my quiet lines.


Why I Haven’t Written in a Good Long While

I feel this need to get the words
out of me, out
of my head, or heart,
or wherever it is they’re formed,
letter by letter, from the haze
shrouding observation and experience;

to shake the syllables from their long doze,
and sometimes the very thought
of doing something so momentous
and risky and, perhaps, useless,
makes me hush the need right back
to sleep.



I resolve:

1. To maybe start exercising a little bit.

2. To try to gain more control over my mind.

3. To master the art of patience. I hope to have this completed
by Jan. 3rd or 4th at the latest.

4. To write on my blog more often.

5. To read more books than I read last year.

6. To be more comfortable with where I am in my life. I should start by getting some padded shoes.

7. To accept people as they are. And to try to change them into what I think they should be.

8. To come up with a solution to the quantum mechanics-general relativity problem.

9. To not die.

10. To not stress if I don’t follow through on my resolutions. Except for #9. That would really suck.