Right Turn on Red

Foggy morning ride to work,
visibility near down to zero,
I crept up to the red light.
In times like these much care
is needed—death can come
in a flash, and we know it

will come, someday—but since
I had other plans I pulled out
cautiously, turning right,
and suddenly saw in my windshield
an obscured face, large eyes
round with fear,

and it was only me.
And it was only me.


8 thoughts on “Right Turn on Red

      • Yeah, even though I don’t comment I still have the time every once in a while to check out a few poems from some of my favorite contributors (including you!). Just a lot going on right now–job promotion eating up my time, a lot of personal changes that have disrupted my normal flow of life. One day I’ll get back in the swing of things. I really appreciate your reaching out, Bjorn. You’ve always been a great supporter!


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