The Chase

           Squeezed tight
in the corner

beating hard

           in my temples,
a strange mixture

           of delight
and fear,

           the thrill
of the chase

           or of being chased,
these childhood games

survival instinct,

           skills essential
in this universe

           where everything
is out to get us.

           Perhaps this is why
I still always sit

           with my back
against the wall.

2 thoughts on “The Chase

  1. there is definitely something about the chase…whether the chaser or the chasee…I feel like I’d be less likely to want to sit with my back against the wall…while it protects from behind, it limits my escape routes.

    I like the offset of the lines. the brevity of the lines I think also added a little extra to it…a rush that seemed to mimic a rapid heart beat.


    • I guess that’s a difference between people–you think flight, I think fight. Even though I’m somewhat of a pacifist, when the time comes I want my back against the wall and my fists free. I want to see ’em coming for me!

      Thanks for the note on my line structure–I was trying to accomplish exactly what you gathered from it, rapid heartbeat.


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