Two sages meet
to speak
of eternity.

They sit beneath trees
that have rooted
for centuries,

beside the stream
winding between stones
for millennia,

stones slowly rising
under a sky
that has hovered

for unknown ages;
before trees, streams,
stones, grass, sages.

by time they sit,

wu zhen distant-mountains

(Wu Zhen: Greenery in Distant Mountains)


For dVerse. Mary has us thinking and writing about time. I like thinking about time, but it always leaves me a little befuddled. Anyway, write a little something and join in the sharing!

35 thoughts on “Wordless

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    The Chinese Art is perfect for this Zen parable, & it is rife with truth & objectivity–for if we are the co-creators of the universe, within each lifetime we struggle to raise the veil of forgetfulness every time we chew on the edge of the puzzle; why are we here?


  2. yeah… i can imagine how they sit wordless… it puts things into another relation when we’re confronted with those things that have been there for so long already


  3. is it odd that I feel the need to sit next to a river by a tree with the mountains and skies hovering above? it seems so tranquil…hmm…and the idea of escape time while being surrounded by it…peaceful.


    • Thanks rmp, I hope my poem brings you a little tranquility. And no, it’s not odd at all. What I find odd is that there are people who don’t see the value of an afternoon by the river!


  4. I like the scene you depict. It portrays how many of us feel when we consider time, elusive, mysterious, enigmatic. Befuddled is the best word. Good writing.


  5. People don’t sit with each other any more…they have to talk while glancing at their smartphones. My Grandmother’s generation use to sit with each other. I remember it. I was soothing and reflective.I think I was born in the wrong era. I quite fancy the idea of afternoon naps after lunch zzzzing in the sunshine with just the sound of cicadas and bright red geraniums. Sorry Nico/Jeff I am raving on a bit here….taking a reverie trip! 🙂


    • Thanks Cress–I agree. I also remember when people talked with each other without the electronic distractions, and it bugs the hell out of me. Rave on!


  6. I liked this.. it shows us trying to understand the infinities of time, but then words may short… I like the flow of the poem, it’s a very interesting thought and a great ending…


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