i can only speak
from my experiences—
that’s where you come in

A humble little senryu for dVerse, as we wrap up a week of celebration for 3 years of shared poetry. I’ve not always been a faithful contributor–I occasionally go through spells of dryness or laziness or darkness or I don’t know what. But I took the time to look back, and I found that since my first dVerse link up in October 2012 I have posted 59 poems. Some of them are, I admit, pretty shitty. Some might not be half bad. But none of them would have been written if it hadn’t been for you, dVerse neighbors, keeping this thing going and being a supportive community. Thanks to all!

36 thoughts on “Community

  1. a tender little verse…its good to be able to look back…and see our experiences together….and hey somewhere in those 50 odd poems, you know there is some gold as well…smiles.


    • Thanks Victoria, your encouragement means a lot. I’m not trying to pull a fast one with the identity change, I just thought a change of pace might be good for me!


  2. as long as you speak…not always the easiest thing to do at times, but sharing experiences helps to make the world feel less big (& small).


  3. Love your heart felt and truly real words of who you are as feeling person2!..poetry without just empty shells of words…and have a great rest of the weekend2!with smiles!3:):):)and wink;)!1


  4. Love it. Glad to see you…and I’ve heard it before, like others mentioned, not everything we write is going to be stellar, but hey, we keep doing it anyway…I’m struggling right now with mine. Looking forward to more of your stuff!


    • Thanks Jennifer–sometimes the words just seem to go away and we fear they will never return (what’s that Donald Hall poem about this? I forget the title just now). But they do. Thanks for the encouragement!


  5. oh nice… and each of us has their own experience and sees things from their very own angle..that’s what makes the pub so multi-colored…love your little verse


  6. I think—no, I know— that we all feel the same about our writing. Some poems are good, some not so good, and once in a while the stars align and there is a flash of brilliance. Yet we keep writing…the words are there pushing to get out and we form them into something that we need to say, and we hold on tight to those “flashes” and keep on going in our need to express. It’s in our blood.

    Loved your senryu–so much said in so few words. Perfect!


  7. Thanks Ginny–logically we know that every writer struggles from time to time, but when the dry spells come it seems like a solitary desert. Thanks for your refreshing words!


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