We call them banana spiders
though they do not look

like fruit; Nephilia,
lovers of spinning,

though we can’t know
what they love.

I wonder what they
call themselves.



4 thoughts on “Naming

  1. as absolutely disturbed I am by that spider, she is quite pretty. on second look…(I’m not sure what combination of letters makes the ick sound that just crossed my lips with slight shivering of my shoulders)… the golden web is pretty cool though (minus spider).

    I would hope that even if spinning is not a love that she at least enjoys it. it’s tough to be born to something and not really care, but continue to “spin” nonetheless.


    • Thanks RMP. Most people probably share your reaction. (I wonder if the spiders have anthropophobia!) While I don’t like encountering their webs while walking through the woods, this spider made a home on our porch last year and I couldn’t help admiring her beauty. I hope she enjoys her web-spinning as well.


  2. welcome back man…so do i call you jeff or nico now? ha. naming is a powerful thing…giving identity…of course the spider like us should not be dependent on another to give it that identity…so what does it think of itself…is it constrained by our ideals…or is it of its own mind….interesting thoughts…

    good to see you tonight…look forward to what you bring tomorrow…


    • Thanks Brian, it’s good to be back. Jeff, nico–I answer to both, even in real life! I recently started a new job, finally getting back to a schedule that suits my body chemistry. Hopefully I can get back to writing and reading and participating. I really do love it, I just find myself often hitting a wall and not knowing how to recover. Anyway, thanks for stopping in and always having an encouraging word!


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