Sindoor Sun

(Painting by Sunita Khedekar)
Veiled from the setting sindoor sun
by a charcoal roof
and shaded downcast eyes,
I still feel your tears on my face—
what are these thoughts I think
in the gray of a fading day?
Just to know, for my own sake,
I look from the window
as we used to do, to see
if the fishermen’s boats
still glistened in the
setting sindoor sun.


For dVerse. Grace has us writing with color in mind, using artwork by Sunita Khedekar for inspiration. It’s been such a long while since I’ve posted anything, but Sunita’s work is so powerful I just had to give this a go. Click here for info. on sindoor. Please visit dVerse and write something you can share with us; at the very least, you owe it to yourself to check out Sunita’s art. Incredible work!

50 thoughts on “Sindoor Sun

  1. lots of emotion just under the surface in this…love the wordplay in sindoor sun..appreciate the link as well….the loss in this is real…how it steals the color away….

    its good to see you man…its been a while…


  2. I'm so glad you chose this painting, Nico. It emphasizes the contrast between light and dark and between her colorful and sober thoughts. You did a great interpretation in your poem.


  3. Thanks Cress–I've missed being around. I go through dry spells like this every so often. Just one of those things.

    I DO know that song, “Hard Rain's Gonna Fall.” Dylan!


  4. Thanks Glenn–that painting really caught my eye, the contrast with the sun and boats and the surrounding gray spoke to me. I'm happy you liked it.


  5. Thanks Katy. Sunita's Gallery page acts a little funny–if you click it once you get a page of about 15 or so paintings; if you double-click it you get a page with some different paintings. I found it on that second page. I believe it's also on her Facebook page. It really caught my eye, and just in time too–I really needed some inspiration!


  6. Thanks RMP–I'm happy you liked it. As I mentioned on your blog, I haven't been around much. You know how that is. Feeling better now, maybe I can post a little more regularly for a while. After all, next month is National Poetry Month!


  7. Thanks Marina–sindoor is not a common word in this part of the world, so I thought it best to include a link. When I first saw the painting, the sun color and styling reminded me of a bindi. It just felt right to pay tribute to Sunita's Indian heritage by using an Indian word to describe the color.


  8. The absence is quite felt in this beautifully written piece Nico. “I still feel your tears on my face” is so evocative. Thanks for the link to sindoor as well, I always like learning new things.


  9. Thanks Truedessa–it's good to be back. I'm happy you found my poem to be in keeping with the painting. I guess in a different mood, I may have interpreted it differently. Either way, it is a powerful, emotional painting!


  10. I like your perspective of seeing the boats amid the gray of the fading day ~ Sindoor sun, I like this imagery ~ Good to see you Nico ~

    I see that my original comment didn't come through so I am commenting again ~


  11. Wow, Nico. Wonderful response to a beautiful painting. I didn't see this one on my first visit…I need to go back. Also so glad to see you in my blogfeed again!


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