Apologia Pro Vita Sua

On the bill tonight at dVerse Form for All—Googlism poetry! Sam Peralta invites us to create a list poem by using the search results from this site. To create mine, I searched for “nico” and chose several results that were incomplete sentences or thoughts that I felt I could do something with. These make up the first line of each stanza, unmodified from the original. The second lines are just whatever first surfaced in my disturbed head. The title is Latin for “a defense of one’s life.”

Apologia Pro Vita Sua
nico is finding that his fumbling around with this pal is leading
       to unavoidable personal discomfort for both parties.
nico is based on the fick method,
       but is a bigger ficking method ficker than a real fick.

nico is also ex
       -plained very well by nothing known to humankind.
nico is a quadruped robot which is based upon principles of 4

nico is designing
       a fool-proof means of escape.
nico is ready to stop while dani is clearly interested in
       continuing. It’s an age-old plot.
nico is without a doubt extremely smart
nico is really impacted by the beauty
       of a stiff bourbon.

nico is gay

nico is currently for sale for more information please contact us at

       the discount booth.
nico is one of the most flabbergasting electric bass virtuosi i’ve heard
       people say, but they were undoubtedly lying to me. Or I might have said that
nico is one of the most flabbergasting electric bass virtuosi i’ve heard
       and the word “flabbergasting” always makes me think of enormous butt cheeks vibrating 
       from the forcible expulsion of air from the rectum.

nico is a happy boy who is great with children of all ages and dogs too

       –it’s the big humans he has a problem with.
nico is as nico does
       so get over it.


37 thoughts on “Apologia Pro Vita Sua

  1. nico is designing
    a fool-proof means of escape…so will you tell me how it works once you're done..i might need it one day…smiles.. i googled my name in small letters and had like 7 not really good results..ugh…


  2. haha…unknown to humankind, takes a licking and keeps on ficking….if you find that way to escape let me know…i will follow…..smiles…some really funny lines in this…ah, who we are….


  3. Nico is a cool concept, and a righteous dude, says Jeff Bridges, who is proud to have made his acquaintance. Liked the line /Nico is also explained very well by nothing known to humankind/ which might be something parallel & share between Nico & Glenn; never tried googling just my first name; might have to try it; thanks.


  4. What the heck is the fick method??? This makes me want to learn more about this nico thing. I think I recall from the dVerse Anthology that this is a pen name for you…how did you chose it. And I love the title. So many disjointed observations in this comment.


  5. Thanks Claudia–if I share my escape plan with others it is no longer fool-proof. However, a select few may be invited to participate, and you'll be on the guest list for sure.


  6. Thanks Victoria–yes, nico is a nickname, not technically a pen name. Many real-life people know me and call me by that name. It's short for Nicodemus, the fellow who followed Jesus secretly. Gospel of John. I suppose, like my namesake, I'm also sort of an uncomfortable follower of Jesus. That's the short version.


  7. You're very welcome, Laurie. Sometimes my poetry tends toward the depressing, heavy end. It's always good to ease up a bit. You know, “don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.”


  8. Thanks R.–no one has ever (to my knowledge) used an Austrailianism to refer to me. I feel like I have arrived in a good place in my life now. I owe it all to you!


  9. Nico sounds like 4th grade boys getting together and laughing and having an amazing time explaining and demonstrating “flabbergasting”… I grew up with sisters and when I had my boys – their fascination with anything having to do with farting or whatever just astounds me. My five year old had a sight word the other day to learn … “but”… and he kept giggling. Figures. 🙂


  10. Fantastic! I love the twist on the form that you introduced, of the second line expressing the poetic interpretation of the Googlism first line, so much so that I'm going to try it myself. And that final line! …Just a perfect ending. Bravo!


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