The mountains that in ages
past were level plateaus;
the shoreline that has
not kept its place;
the bones of extinction layered
like words in a holy book,
telling the story
of what once was;
the changing sky,
a glimpse of the universe
passing, rolled together
as a scroll.
            the same,
yesterday’s relics,
like the boarded-up shops
in any small town.
For dVerse OpenLinkNight. Claudia’s post had me thinking about culture, history, place, and this is what came out. 

39 thoughts on “Relics

  1. sobering end…the boarded up shops…far too many of those ghosts of old business…and towns…but its change you know…and the mountains just keep growing….and today becomes history


  2. In life nothing remains the same the world is always changing..I find it sad to see boarded up buildings..I wish we could just tear them down and plant trees..even sadder when the building is historical filled with history and ghosts that would like their story told..relics can be wonderful to explore..


  3. i like how you ground this with the last image of the boarded-up shops
    in any small town… makes it even more palpable…it's sad when whole cultures are no more after a time of blooming.. nothing as constant as change..


  4. Gorgeous writing…love the changing skies passing like a scroll…perfect! We live in times of constant change whether it be the geological or economical we just have to find new pathways through the landscape.


  5. Thanks Di–I can't claim originality for the scroll bit. The image comes from the Bible (Isaiah, and I think probably other places as well). I hope the good Lord doesn't mind that I borrowed it!


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