The Skeptic

The Skeptic
this poem wanted
to be written
l   o   n   g   h   a   n   d
do you see what i did there
making my poem self-aware
as if things become
more believable
by little tricks
of consciousness
i don’t believe
my own tricks
no i’m not truly skeptical
since i have an inflexible
belief in doubt
dVerse MeetingtheBar night, hosted by poet Brian Miller. Brian has us paring down to essentials, crafting stories of 55 words, no more, no less. I suppose mine might be more anti-story than story, but it goes that way sometimes. Check out all the great poets posting tonight, and maybe write a poem of your own to share. Happy Birthday, Brian!

41 thoughts on “The Skeptic

  1. Doubt is something that I will never understand. A doubt can change one's perspective and hence, their entire life.
    Lovely write… I liked the longhand trick and how you defined it later in the poem.


  2. Thanks Grace. Truth is like Big Foot or Nessie–we have a feeling it exists, some eyewitness reports, even some fuzzy photos, but it remains very elusive.


  3. Thanks Kirsten–I usually do write out poems longhand first, but since this called for a word limit I violated my habit so I could track the count. My weird mind just kind of went from there!


  4. ….oh, i almost always have to be skeptical with everything… especially when i'm doing audit…. you can't easily just trust anyone or anything layered in your front…. you always have to practice professional skepticism… & as an accountant engaged in audit almost everyday my job is not to trust…. to find the wrongs more over the right ones until i'm convinced nothing was actually misstated or done via fraud but that seldom to happen… ha… now know why accountants have few friends… aww…


  5. I'm so late in reading this week. Doubt has its way at times. But I love how you've written to the self-awareness of a poem. This could really help in editing. Hey poem, do you like yourself? What do you need to do to improve?


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