The Last Meal

as you sit
in the soft lampglow
i notice
careful shoulders
              sloped away
no telling word
hurdles the pearls
pulled tight
on dimpled neck

I know, this is very late. I’ve been slack about writing new poetry. Laziness plays a big role. Not felt well the last few weeks, some kind of tummy virus, which did give me poopertunity to make some new doo-doo jokes but otherwise left me uninspired. Anyway, last night Sam Peralta hosted the dVerse FormForAll, prompting us to try our hand at writing Twitter poetry–that is, poetry that fits within the character limits imposed by Twitter. I thought, Surely I can write a poem of 140 characters despite illness and laziness and lack of inspiration and all the other enemies of creativity. So here it is, exactly 140 characters (using creative spacing for a few characters). I also tried to channel my inner Wallace Stevens, in memory of the anniversary of his death today. The title is not actually part of the 140 character limit. If that troubles you, just pretend it’s not there.

27 thoughts on “The Last Meal

  1. Wallace would be proud of you. Frost told him, you just write about (I forget the exact words) frick-a-frack. Stevens countered, and you just write about themes. I'll have to get the exact quote.


  2. you did quite well with the limitations…evocative in the tiny details you notice of her sitting there….think as well that he would be proud of the honor paid his death…smiles

    sorry i am late getting here…on vacation…and just getting the fam to bed…ha..hope you feel better soon as well…


  3. Thanks Claudia–actually, I wrote the lines “careful shoulders sloped away” some weeks ago after looking at a painting, but I can't remember where I saw it or what it was called!


  4. …that saddens me for a while… how painful feelings to draw in between words… and oh, no more poopertunities, ok?! drop 'em all in a single flush… hihi… be well… smiles…


  5. I think you channeled W.Stevens well. Joy Jones does a lot of that (Hedge_witch). You make it seem easy; but getting that inner landscape by exposing the outer one is difficult to convey. You managed it here deftly and I might say a good bit more economically that Stevens usually does.


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