And Now, Before Kneeling

Rondelet. A cute, wistful little poetic form, introduced by Tony Maude for dVerse FormForAll. The repetition made me think of the monotony of life, which made me think of growing older, which led me to write this cute, wistful, somewhat religious, strangely humorous piece about getting old. The knees go first! Took some slight liberties with the form–didn’t worry much about syllable count, and used slant rhymes. And left out a word in the last refrain. Tony said I could! 

And Now, Before Kneeling
And now, before kneeling
I think about the strain.
And now, before kneeling
I get that old-time feeling;
I’m not as young as I have been.
What will it take to rise again,

Now before kneeling?


31 thoughts on “And Now, Before Kneeling

  1. smiles…depends on how bad your knees are…on weathery days it might take me a second….the old time feeling reminds me of the church i went to as a child….smiles…cool use of the form man…


  2. Thanks Brian–I'm glad you caught the old-time church reference. There is a deeper reading of this poem beyond just the physical decline, but I didn't want to make too much of it. You know, how faith sometimes declines, it takes more to kneel, more to rise, that kind of thing.


  3. yes, to the point. I love how you've incorporated the day into your form or the form into your day…. the question becomes more pertinent by the hour. : ) an enjoyable read.


  4. …before kneeling has such a sad undertone of surrendering before our Lord's behest… aging is one stage in life i wish i can escape through… but we are aging everyday so def the wish is non sense… ha… smiles… your almost rondelet is really entertaining & full of insights… loved it! smiles…


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