Last week, my friend and fellow poet Henry Clemmons posted a poem about nightmares. This afternoon when I sat down to write his poem was still in my head, so I thought I’d run with it. Thanks Henry; and please, poets, send your week’s thoughts to dVerse OpenLinkNight!

The night-fears return,
a little green man
with clicking teeth
and omnipotent eyes,
fingers pungent red
gripping a corner, any corner,
leveraging a feline pounce
to send me running,
running, I cannot see
my unsteady footfall
pounding on
and on —
terror, stale-tasting
like motionless basement air,
and if it weren’t for nightmares
we’d want to close our eyes
and sleep all

the live-long day.

36 thoughts on “Nightmares

  1. fadinghennaink says:

    “leveraging a feline pounce” … I like this line. And this:

    “terror, stale-tasting
    like motionless basement air”

    And isn't the ending the truth?


  2. I wouldn't mind sleeping all the live-long day….even with a nightmare or two. but they definitely do make it harder to return to peaceful slumber. and I might miss reading all this wonderful poetry that spills put into cyberspace.


  3. leveraging a feline pounce:
    really delivers on fulcrum, fear and motion.
    the whole has an air of tension
    which is vital and sustains the energy,
    awarding that essential
    creep and claustrophobia
    gripping the attention . . .
    and throat.


  4. this made me remember some of the night fears of my youth..luckily i very seldom have night mares nowadays..the motionless basement air grabbed me most here as it comes with a scent..


  5. a little green man with clicking teeth…now that would scare me… a great description of nightmares…must say have had my share of late hoping I don't see any green men this evening! 🙂


  6. Thanks Mary, this character actually was a constant feature of my childhood nightmares. Funny how vivid dreams can stay with you over the years.


  7. Thanks Grace, strange details and associations in dreams are fascinating. The human mind is a funhouse and haunted house all rolled into one!


  8. I've been chased in my dreams all of my life. Night terrors where screams won't come out no matter how hard I try. I hope the green man doesn't step forward tonight. Well written 🙂


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