Another dVerse OpenLinkNight. Grace, host of tonight’s event, has me thinking about spring. Write a few lines, send them in, and join the fun!

The storm, asking
no permission, broke
fiercely. Never one
to miss a good show,
I took a hard-backed chair
and cold beer out
on the front porch. How
long I sat
watching the water
thrash the trees and
tumble from the eaves,
I don’t know.
My reverie was broken
when I heard a voice
from the neighboring porch.
Hey there!Earl hollered out
over the storm noise.
Just watching it rain! I yelled back.
I hear you, brother!
The rain continued
to fall,
delicate drops
now, baptizing
the new grass.
We both went back
to watching.

36 thoughts on “Watching

  1. oh i just love watching a decent storm…the sound, the scent of rain…wonderful..and yeah…the storm never asks for permission…it just does what he wants to do..


  2. I can picture you there, just sitting, enjoying a cold beer as Mother Nature rains down; seems oddly peaceful. I wouldn't mind grabbing a cup of tea and joining in.


  3. When the tornados season start in the south, well, in MY neighborhood at least, the warning sirens are like a signal for all the neighbors to come out of the house and look at the sky. We all stand around and watch the sky turn scary yellow then creepy green and we joke about which way my tree will fall. I loved this piece and it inspired me to work on my memoir. Thank you.


  4. …baptizing the new grass — now that's excellent! when in storm play i don't think we have more decent choice other than to watch evrything around change its form… ha, & hopefully by watching we would be awakened somehow from many of our ignorances… smiles…


  5. Thanks Brian–I like being outside with the lightening crackling around me. I guess I'm crazy that way. And yes, having a good neighbor adds to the fun.


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