Julie Fowlis: Blackbird (Lon-dubh)

Julie Fowlis. I could listen to her for hours–in fact, I admit that I have done such a thing. Here she sings a Scots Gaelic rendition of the Beatles song “Blackbird.”


4 thoughts on “Julie Fowlis: Blackbird (Lon-dubh)

  1. Dear Steve,

    Thanks for the invite, but after taking a look at your blog I'll have to say thanks but no thanks. According to your site you already have over 1,400 followers and a shitload of page views, so I am confident you will not miss my presence. Please feel free to stop in anytime you like, but be aware that if you try to foist your brand of Christianity on me on my own site you will likely get a response that will be a discomfort to you. Thanks again, and pleasant journeys.


  2. She has a lovely voice Nico. This post has a small, cool coincidence. You posted a Gaelic singer on my daughter's birthday, and she has a Gaelic name…it just made me happy, thanks.


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