Another dVerse OpenLinkNight. Grace, host of tonight’s event, has me thinking about spring. Write a few lines, send them in, and join the fun!

The storm, asking
no permission, broke
fiercely. Never one
to miss a good show,
I took a hard-backed chair
and cold beer out
on the front porch. How
long I sat
watching the water
thrash the trees and
tumble from the eaves,
I don’t know.
My reverie was broken
when I heard a voice
from the neighboring porch.
Hey there!Earl hollered out
over the storm noise.
Just watching it rain! I yelled back.
I hear you, brother!
The rain continued
to fall,
delicate drops
now, baptizing
the new grass.
We both went back
to watching.

Scott Russell Sanders: Not Our Rules

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In defining wilderness as an unruly place where shaggy creatures roam, our language betrays an uneasiness about our own hairy origins and a regret that the original world does not dance to our music. Beyond our campfires, beyond our tents, beyond our makeshift structures, the whole universe is wild, from quarks to quasars, from black bears to black holes, but far from being disorderly, it follows intricate, exquisite rules that we have only begun to decipher. They are not our rules, however, no matter who fervently we may desire to legislate, a fact that is dismaying only to those who believe that we should be running the show.

–Scott Russell Sanders, “Voyageurs”

Emerson: On Thoreau

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[One of the weapons] with which he conquered all obstacles in science was patience. He knew how to sit immovable, a part of the rock he rested on, until the bird, the reptile, the fish, which had retired from him, should come back, and resume its habits, nay, moved by curiosity, should come to him and watch him.                                        –R. W. Emerson, from “Thoreau”