Heaven and Earth

I haven’t written in a few weeks–work and winter colds have left me feeling a little strung out. Linking this little piece to dVerse OpenLinkNight, hoping that you all will join in and share your little piece of heaven and earth.

Heaven and Earth
It’s good to think
high thoughts—
our brains lightly brush
the heavens, lifted from earth,
drawn above plodding feet
into the beyond—
but at times we must rest
our heads in the tall grass,
as when we were children,
to smell the slow decay
and make peace with
our native home.

Edited: A few hours after posting this I realized a stray line had made it through the cutting process, making a very strange first stanza. Now removed for your viewing pleasure.

39 thoughts on “Heaven and Earth

  1. yeah…we need both…heads in the clouds sometimes, hands in the soil..i like that…making peace with our native home… smiled at your comment over at my place…hahah..


  2. So true, Nico. We can't lose by thinking high thoughts! And, yes, I remember resting my head in the grass when I was a child. Didn't mind the ants at all. We DO really need to make peace with our 'roots.'


  3. This is beautifully written. I like “our brains lighty brush the heavens.” I also could smell the grass and dirt in the second stanza. This poem makes me want to go cloud watching.


  4. Thanks Sabio, between the clouds and worms–well put. And thanks for noticing the form. Would it surprise you to know I had a Bible verse in mind in making this form: “We have this treasure in earthen vessels.”


  5. The high mind is where i spend way too much time, my childhood feels like an abstract impression of someone elses pastlife but it was a peaceful place that i can and do still love to visit, even if it no longer seems to be my own: well crafted and deceptively simple, but ultimately V stimulating in the reading

    cheers nico – hope you re feeling better.


  6. I just love your poetry, I always leave with the feeling gosh I needed that, and this is one. Funny I have been writing something on a place I went as a child and the magic was just the earth, and the peace it gave. This is just beautiful.


  7. Thanks Di–I'm very happy to know my writing has meaning outside my own little skull. I look forward to reading about your magical childhood place!


  8. Laying on the ground is very…well…grounding and its so important to remember how small we truly are which makes our worries that much smaller. Nicely written – peaceful to read.


  9. …i love the notion of smelling the slow decay… ah, to be intimate with the weeds while smelling the sky too… all makes a gentle day… smiles… and wonderful offering…


  10. Thanks Gretchen–yeah, it's entirely possible to think too much of ourselves. Become too serious about things, and the joy of life just seems to disappear.


  11. interesting imagery. it is important to seek the balance of both. we need to occasionally touch the clouds with our feet and without forgeting what it's like to dig our hands into the ground. (that last line made sense in my head…)



  12. No, I knew exactly the Hebrew verse to which you were referring:

    “For blessed is the pot who creates not a maker,
    nor seeks for hands by which
    to decorate himself
    and fears not
    the ordinary.”



  13. Ha! I like this verse–it sounds familiar, but I can't place the source. Makes me think of something from Lao tzu (Lin Yutang translation):

    Man models himself after the Earth;
    The Earth models itself after Heaven;
    The Heaven models itself after Tao;
    Tao models itself after Nature.


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