Charles Simic: My Weariness of Epic Proportions

My Weariness of Epic Proportions

I like it when
Gets killed
And even his buddy Patroclus–
And that hothead Hector–
And the whole Greek and Trojan
Jeunesse doree
Is more or less
Expertly slaughtered
So there’s finally
Peace and quiet
(The gods having momentarily
Shut up)
One can hear
A bird sing
And a daughter ask her mother
Whether she can go to the well
And of course she can
By that lovely little path
That winds through
The olive orchard

–Charles Simic


4 thoughts on “Charles Simic: My Weariness of Epic Proportions

  1. Phuc Yieu says:

    I especially like the way you casually use a poet’s work, scraping it up as if it were chewed gum on the sidewalk. Would that your own labors were also so casually abused. How much money did you send Simic for use of his work?


    • Thanks for stopping by. Believe it or not, there are many poets who have never heard of Charles Simic. They perhaps got into writing poetry as a way to express themselves, but never really studied the masters for inspiration or technical help in writing poetry. My posting of the poems of others is far from “casual” and abusive–it is simply me trying to introduce my little handful of readers to poets that move me, inspire me–poets I love. I hope to generate interest and discussion about what works, why a poem is moving or powerful or whatever it is that makes it poetry. So my intention is educational and inspirational, and I believe it falls within Fair Use.

      I hope this goes some way to ease your mind–we could discuss further if you’d like. Of course, if you’re just the kind of person that would rather visit blogs to spread your Fuck Yous around than to have a positive discussion, this would seem to me to be a character flaw that I cannot do much about.



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