92 Proof

Anna Montgomery (where have you been, Anna, I’ve missed you!) host of tonight’s dVerse Meeting the Bar,  wants us to entertain the creative flow in writing poetry. Join in, all ye who are merry or sad, give it your best shot.

92 Proof
So I’m a little drunk tonight, feeling
somewhat guilty
for my word-laziness,
aware that my Muse has left me
but not understanding why.
I’ve done
all the right things, really.
Reflected on
the past,
conjured up old
dreamed about
the future
and all that hope entails.
Still, no poem.
No words of my own,
only empty, 92 proof thoughts
that actually feel good
as they buzz around
in my brain.

39 thoughts on “92 Proof

  1. Nico, in my humble opinion you write good poetry no matter if you have had 'a few' or not! You write from the heart / the gut; and I always FEEL your words, which is no small thing! Write on.


  2. I like this, free and easy write. Reminds me of a meeting with my tutor, went through my proofs and picked out all the drunken ones “these are your book, what made these so different to the others?” “… about 4 ciders?” “then keep at it!” x


  3. Ha, I've missed you too. A meta-poem, as Brian says, proof that the muse arrived. All the right things – sometimes they lead us astray anyway, maybe no mind is a better approach sometimes. Or 'floating mind' as the poem illustrates.


  4. 92 proof killed my colleague's son this week
    found dead at college — his first party
    and he never use to drink
    twas a sad week
    leaving deep sadness for years to come

    Sorry — your poem reminded me of our stupidity, our sadness, our pain


  5. Thanks Karin, glad you had fun. Yes, I'm enjoying the Faulkner as always. This is my second reading of Sound and Fury, so it's making a little more sense this time. He's difficult, but worth the effort!


  6. Thanks Sabio, and my sympathies to you and your colleague. Why do we humans take something that can be so good and use it to destroy ourselves? Yes, stupid, sad, and painful.


  7. I laughed out loud, Nico, because you commented that the process illustrated in my poem would put you to sleep and prevent any creation. I cannot write or paint anything if I've been drinking. It is as if alcohol shuts the door on creativity.


  8. Thanks Kim, I also found it amusing. It's just as well for you–hundreds of artists(painters, writers, musicians) have proven that using mind-altering substances to fuel creation backfires after a while.


  9. I had a period when all I could write about was how I wasn't able to write anything. It took a close friend to point out the irony of that 🙂 I haven't found alcohol particularly effective as a stimulant to creativity – my muse appears to like coffee and a quiet space to work on me in.


  10. I've always said, “The best evidence against a benign creator deity is that so many of our greatest pleasures can horribly harm us.”
    But then they start talking about apples and snakes so I can only throw up my hands and walk away!


  11. Maybe we're just an out-of-control experiment. Reminds me of a Far Side cartoon: God dropped a Mason jar labeled “Humans” onto the newly created earth, and says, “Uh-oh.”


  12. Have you read, “Childhood's End” by Arthur C. Clarke. Fascinating though about humans. Short SciFi.
    If we are a failed experiment — I wonder what the new improved experiment will look like.
    That is why environmentalists are bad people. They just slow down the way for the next experiment. The sooner humans are out of the way — thrown in the “failed experiment” heap — the better.


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