Sports Definitions, updated for 2013

Tebowing–the act of bowing on one knee, fist on forehead, to thank or beg God for some victory over the opponent.

Kapernicking–the act of kissing one’s own bicep, in praise of one’s God-given skills.

Armstronging–the act of cheating and lying one’s way to the top.

Te’oing–definition still to be determined.

2 thoughts on “Sports Definitions, updated for 2013

  1. You left this comment on stufffundieslike.

    “I left the IFB movement a little over two decades ago, also enjoying stints in Presbyterian and Reformed Baptist churches (including a tour of duty as a RB pastor) before becoming Orthodox in 2000. I should add: I am still Orthodox, but I would be considered “progressive” by anyone’s standards.”

    I started out in the Southern Baptist church though my family later went to other fundamental churches. We were in ATI, a homeschool cult that stress KJV and women only wearing dresses. My family left that when I was 16. Then I stumbled into the Reformed Baptist church. Currently I am becoming more progressive, more liberal, and have been attracted to the Greek Orthodox church.

    Curious why you went to the Orthodox church and more of your journey!



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