Collom Lune: The Raindrop

Tonight at dVerse, the marvelous poet Samuel Peralta has challenged us to write either a Kelly lune or Collom lune. I chose the latter, in a two stanza form. The form is similar to haiku; however, instead of syllable count, words are counted (lines of 3-5-3). The subject is inspired by the gentle rain falling outside. Please join in–it is a fairly simple form to work with, yet it can yield powerful results. (edited to fix the spelling of Jack Collom’s name!)
the raindrop falls
from the tip of the
magnolia leaf bearing
the reflected world
falls and breaks into a
thousand tiny worlds


49 thoughts on “Collom Lune: The Raindrop

  1. Thanks Claudia, magnolias are great trees. A little messy, but worth it for the fragrance when in bloom. I would have stepped out to take a picture to go along with the poem, but I might melt in the rain, you know!


  2. Thanks Karin–a few weeks ago I read an article about the fellow who discovered (or at least mathematically described) fractals. I think that had some influence on my submission.


  3. This is absolutely beautiful, I love the way that the first lune stanza pours its words through the caesura onto the second lune stanza, becoming the self-metaphor for the droplet.


  4. …i felt these… your first lune's a delicate to read but your second one volumes a lot to me of the truth… we're the tiny worlds pressed to form an entirely new world of many differences and tales… an excellent offering… smiles…


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