First Love

For Three Word Wednesday, prompt words clench, faint, prod. Also submitted to dVerse OpenLinkNight.

First Love
That Florida summer, the year
you moved in next door, we’d crawl
under the barbed wire fence
to meet each morning
in the hayfield,
prodded by some power
neither of us understood.
With clenched hands we’d
clumsily kiss, and in the faint
daylight return our
separate ways. Summer passed,
and now I can’t even remember
your name.

43 thoughts on “First Love

  1. Nico, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this poem. It makes me feel warm and wonderful inside. There really was something so very special about young love…and so true that now one can't even remember some of the names!


  2. this is lovely….crawling under the barbed wire fence to meet each morning…sweet summer love…brought back some memories…yet i remember his name…smiles… never been to florida so far..but def. on my loooong list of places to visit..smiles


  3. oh dang….cant remember her name…smiles…sound like quite the adventure though…fraught with danger like barbed wire….got a nice scar from that….i lived in florida for a few years….


  4. Thanks R. Yes, it does not speak highly of me for forgetting her name, but I can tell you exactly what her lips looked like! (And please tell me that I have not created yet another Google stalker.)


  5. As for the first one, I work in medicine where I can't remember everyone's name. But when I see them, sit down and start talking, (or see their chart), tons of info come back to my memory well before the name does.

    The name of a person, or a thing, really is only important to talk to others, but not to know that person or thing.

    That is what I meant by that.

    Besides my wife's name, I try to remember the kids' too. For some reason, they all seem to care and don't understand my above point at all when I forget. 🙂 !!


  6. Does it make one a stalker looking up your first boy friend? Hardly. Stalking is hacking into the someone's computer,turning on the skype and listening to them and watching them unbeknowns to them. Yes, it has happened to me…amazing that words can inspire people to commit these cyber crimes


  7. Ha! Names are interesting. Most people feel slighted when their names aren't remembered, but who can remember every name? I do make a real effort to remember people's names nowadays, and most of the time can even remember all the kids' names!


  8. Yikes! Yeah, that goes way beyond a Google search. Now you've got me paranoid–maybe I should put a piece of tape over the camera lens! Then again, there wouldn't be much to see if someone hacked in to spy on me–some hippy-looking hillbilly trying to assemble words into some kind of meaning is not really that interesting!


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