For Three Word Wednesday, prompt words false, sallow, illustrate. Also submitted to dVerse OpenLinkNight

He labored hard
at his homework,
tongue hanging out
in deliberate effort
as if the future
happiness of humankind
depended on his
answers. Squinting
in the sallow light
of the desk lamp,
the little boy
chooses True or
False, or arranges
numbers in neat rows
on a page, or illustrates
the digestive system
in Crayola cross-section,
while a single bird
lands lightly on a limb
outside  his window,
singing for joy.

26 thoughts on “Education

  1. This piece leaves me feeling like that little bird..maybe it's not really about what you colour or's all about the tongue hanging out..knowing that working on yourself is how to get ahead..jae


  2. Ahh…and.. we wonder which is more important. Very vivid word painting. I can see this young boy, tongue out, full of concentration, yet, the arrival of the bird seems take us to what matters most maybe…
    Lovely poem Nico.


  3. I am sure what was going on outside was more interesting to him than his homework; but it is good that he had perseverance and kept to his task. An interesting study here!


  4. That little bird is clearly an impetus for him to finish his homework and dash off outside to really live. The call of the wild was strong for me a a child so I was a mediocre student. I loved that I was able to relate to this personally.


  5. oh i wish my son had ever taken his homework so serious…you know..he would've sung with the bird outside the window…smiles…but love when kids concentrate on their work with heart and soul..


  6. My own school-days were so long ago that they were before the general advent of home-work. Wasn't I lucky! Mind you – had I had home-work, the bird would have won my attention. Nice one Nico.


  7. Leigh, thanks–my kids have less homework than I had growing up, so maybe there is a return to sanity on the part of the US educational system. Really, you want to make a kid sit for 7-8 hrs a day, and then give him or her more sit-down work at home–and not expect bad results?


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