Until March

Until March
Early spring. I watch
what cannot be seen
in a glance—the seeds
coming to life,
slowly pushing the soil
upward, outward, making
their presence known.
And I wondered why it is that life forms so far from brightness, deep within soil or womb. What fearful mystery does the dark protect? One of the tender plants, curling toward the light, gave me to know that darkness and chaos are not to be feared. It said, “Formlessness and void yield to Spirit—strength comes from weakness, light from darkness. Only when you have known darkness can life upspring.”
Late fall. The
tender plant, now
tall and strong, gives
food for my mouth,
the taste of light sweet
to the tongue.
And deep within the dark center are seeds. I take them in my hands: dried, stored until March, when once again they will take the plunge back into darkness, feel the Spirit,
and burst into light.
–submitted to dVerse. Trying out poetry that incorporates prose passages. 

24 thoughts on “Until March

  1. what fearful mystery does the dark protect….great question that…and why does life spring up where it does…that is one of the great mysteries…i like not fearing the dark and chaos…i agree with that completely…love the uplifting flourish toward the end as well…


  2. First, I laughed heartily at your purely accidental inclusion of thoughts you don't think about. Awesome. You transition from poetry to prose and back again very smoothly, exploring, testing, considering. Your insights are sagacious and the seed an effective conceit. There's a very appealing gentleness with which it's all presented, a calming atmosphere, that makes the growth at the end that much more warm and beautiful.


  3. Dear Nico~
    What wondrous reverie you share here, as you seamlessly mate prose and poetry. The tale you tell is close to my heart. I am a gardener and from way back. The stream of consciousness prose is the perfect hook, reeling in the reader as partner in the planting.


  4. nico, i really enjoyed this poem, some really outstanding images in here. and the format really sets a sense of cycle. very well written, again enjoyed very much.


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