Mitt vs. Obama–A Political Post!

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I’m going to take a chance here with a political post. I know how divisive this can be, and I have no wish to start an argument. But I am a one-issue voter this year. Let me walk you through my penetrating analysis of the current political situation. Read intelligently, and then deal with it.

Here’s my issue. As a good Mormon, Mitt does not drink. This means that I stand no chance of being called to a Beer Summit at the White House should Mitt win the election–there will be no more Beer Summits. Sure, it’s a long shot with Pres. Obama that I will be called up to add my expertise at the next Summit, but at least with him there is a chance. And from what I understand, the last Beer Summit featured SweetWater beer, my favorite brand. I cannot vote against a man who showed such great taste and sensitivity–it would violate everything I believe in, everything that is great about America, land of the free and brave and thirsty. God Bless America!

**UPDATE**: I stand corrected–SweetWater did not play a role at the last Beer Summit. Treason! Whoever told me this should be thrown in prison for life. Evidently the Pres. drank Bud Light. Is a Beer Summit featuring Bud Light better than no Summit at all? I’m going to need time to consider how this changes things. Certainly Pres. Obama has fallen a few rungs in my estimation.


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