The Mystic

For Three Word Wednesday, prompt words absolute, fall, nestle. Wanted to rhyme this week. The quote is from Wordsworth’s poem Nutting.

The Mystic
. . . there is a spirit in the woods.
            –William Wordsworth
Long before daybreak in
The shadow of the wood’s edge,
I stand apart from pledge,
Creed, or demands of men
To drink deeply from the
Absolute. Glassy beads unbidden
Fall soundless, a blessing in
Teardrop form. The sweetgum tree,
Holding growth silent over
Centuries, reaches the sky
Without seeming to try,
An elevated enclosure                                           
Where sleepy squirrels nestle close.
There are lessons to learn from
The Spirit-filled woods: I become
A mystic by going slow.

14 thoughts on “The Mystic

  1. It would be an experience to wander in the woods with you Nico. To share our evident, mutual feelings about nature, and the wonder of it. And what an inspiration to have Wordsworth provide your introduction. This poem is truly Wordsworthian in its beauty.


  2. Leigh, I thank you for your kind thoughts. If you are ever in my neck of the woods, look me up. I think you'd like our woods here in Georgia–there is much to see, hear, taste, smell, touch.


  3. Yes finding magic isn't about looking for stars exploding..or skies lighting is far more subtle..slow..when you know..perhaps you see..your words are full of wonder..Jae


  4. Thank you. The fact that there's a growing “Slow Movement” should tell us something, no? Not that I'm a “movement” kind of guy, but evidently more people are seeing the need to take a break from all of our meaningless, breathless activity.


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