Vern Gosdin: or, When I want to listen to country . . .

. . . I want to listen to country. FM country stations do not play country music anymore, but some pop/ country hybrid music. I don’t think most people under the age of, say, 28, even know what country music is. It’s so bad that when someone asks me who my favorite male country singer is, and I say, “Vern Gosdin,” they look at me like I’m wearing my drawers on my head. Everyone has his or her own musical tastes, and I am tolerant enough to acknowledge that. So you can have your Taylor Swifts, Keith Urbans, and pop-masquerading-as-country-sound-alike-band (take your pick; they seem to multiply like germs on a petri dish)–Vern is THE VOICE.


5 thoughts on “Vern Gosdin: or, When I want to listen to country . . .

  1. You ain't alone, my friend. Vern's music is heard in my house everyday. He is the only country singer that I just don't get tired of. A couple of my friends also agree….


  2. Talk about being blessed: when I am fishing (catching something is not required), I most always play Vern's Gospel Album/ Sure beats going to some church service and I can commune with my God and marvel at the beauty of what I see and sense. If I were only a poet….


  3. I haven't listened to the Gospel Album in a few years–I only have it on cassette, and no longer have a player. I need to update my technology, I guess. Anyway, I think anyone who can commune with God in the marvels of nature already looks on things with a poet's eye, regardless of the ability to put it into words.


  4. Nicely put. A man that thinks, composes, writes, rhymes, and communicates…you are of a dying breed. Although I majored in English at college (a thousand years ago), my appreciation for poetry never got far off the ground. I remember enjoying Milton's Paradises (is that a word?). My literary efforts these days is(or are?) relegated to the Sunday crosswords. But some beautiful memories of reading nightly to my daughters. Ah, the peace of God that passes all understanding….


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