Fr. Sophrony: Two Stages to Victory Over Hell

There are two stages to victory over hell. The first is the mastery of the blackness within us ourselves; the second, compassionate love, natural to Divinity, for all creation.
–Fr. Sophrony of Essex


Southern Rock Meets The Beatles

If anyone can cover the Beatles and (dare I say it) improve upon the original, it’s Warren and Gov’t Mule. There are mouth-dropping live versions of this on YouTube with extended jams. In fact, there are several full-length concert videos on YouTube–I recommend the earlier ones with Allen Woody on bass, but all are good. You won’t believe your ears–Southern Rock, most glorious.


For Three Word Wednesday. Prompt words entice, savor, chance.


They asked me
Where’d you see
him last, voices
in that grave tone
of adult concern.
So I took them, 
neighbors and neighbors
friends following me
a few hundred yards
down the creek bank
to a place we’d often
go, Wes and I,
to swim or fish or
sneak a smoke.
Once we’d even
talked our parents
into letting us camp
overnight; with enough
supplies for a two-week
stay we took our fill
of liberty, staying up
till dawn and savoring
a breakfast of bluegill
and granola bars.
We walked,
as the first stars
began to wink, past
the old campsite,
past the trees that
opened up as if by
chance. I pointed
to an enticing spot
where waist-high water
into our deep
swimming hole:
I said, this much
the truth. I had
seen him there
three hours ago,
after we’d catfished
and puffed half
a pack of Marlboros,
and jumped
from the old green oak
into the rain-swelled current—
There.  But I
didn’t tell them
how we’d hurled
hurtful words,
and worse,
and how he’d stood
in the reddening water
and cried.