Three Word Wednesday, prompt words affair, expectation, free. Mixed feelings about this one.

I heard my share
of sermons, serving
time on straight-backed
pews, begrudging each
moment lost
                  to eternity.
My elders sat willingly
in expectation
of heavenly reward, glad
to leave all worldly affairs,
glad to rest weary
bones if only for
a moment.
They meant well.
I see that now, now
that my own bones
need rest, now that
I hope beyond all hope
to be free 
in the divine.
But we will never
decipher the mystery, try
as we might. Will we?
All we have from him
we already know,
written bold. Do
not kill, do
not steal, do
unto others.
We stumble over what
we do not have: the
shrouded, incomprehensible,
written in sand, faint
markings that lead us
to belief or despair. I believe
it is enough to want
to believe. It is enough.

20 thoughts on “Enough

  1. This describes so well those feelings we get when considering Shakespeare's 'undiscovered country, from whose bourne no traveller returns ..' We want so much, but know so little, and there you have it…..Belief!
    Is it enough? It has to be. Beautifully profound thoughts Nico.


  2. Beautiful thoughts. I believe, history repeats and that man has already been highly evolved before and knew the secrets of anti-gravity, (for easily moving the great stones like the Pyramids/Stonehenge) they would have looked/behaved entirely alien to what we look and behave like now and, that because they were so highly evolved maybe they created lesser beings (us) and allowed us to spread out and continue to breed and expand across the planet etc etc until they, all died out and because of their higher intelligence we needed something to hold on to and give us the 'reason' for our existence and therefore we 'invented' God for our peace of mind. I also believe though that, everything was created ultimately from or by, 'something' or 'someone' so, I do believe there is God(s) who are the prime creators of everything and, that there are other dimensions which we cannot access because of our (as yet) limited knowledge but, I do believe that through deep spiritual searching we can learn so much more than we know now.
    Really enjoyed this, a very deep, thought provoking read Nico. Thanks.


  3. There are some great things about getting older..one of them perhaps learning what is enough..that there isn't an answer (or a real question as such)..you write without any kind of inflation of belief or self..just beautifully enough..jae


  4. Robin, The message is garbled, but one thing is certain–love one another. I like that Bible verse (the location escapes me and I'm too lazy to look it up) that says, “Love covers a multitude of sins.” May it be so.


  5. Jae, As a youngster I needed certainty, needed it so desperately that I'm afraid I invented black and white where none existed. Over the years I've learned (and am learning) to appreciate the gray uncertainty. Thanks.


  6. I am on the same page – wanting to believe in something, but don't know what…have trouble and jealousy simultaneously when encountering those of profound faith….powerful statements


  7. Joannne, Thank you. I used to think dogmatism was a sure sign of profound faith, but I am more inclined to think humility (willing to admit ignorance) and love (for all created things)are more perfect indicators.


  8. RMP, I thank you. Everyone must find their own way–mine, for better or worse, often takes me through doubt and questioning. I may not be getting wiser with age, but I am definitely learning to be more at peace with my journey. If I manage to get a few readable poems out of the deal, so much the better!


  9. Wow! I think you just described the feelings I've had of late to a perfect point! Religion, the meaning of life, etc all makes you wonder at what's not being said. The wonders of the world, the myths and fairytales, we consider and wonder if there might be a hint of something real.

    But we will never
    decipher the mystery, try
    as we might. Will we?

    Superbly written!


  10. Day, Thanks. Some things are not meant to be proven by argument or empirical evidence; they are meant to be experienced. In some ways we lose out by trading wonder for proof. Or so it seems to me.


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