Plant Dreams

This is for the good folks over at Bluebell Books. Thanks for the invite.

Plant Dreams

She is Queen of the Forest,
benevolent Sovereign of her

universe, every mound
of fertile soil her royal

playground. In this world
all life is an expression

of her will, touched
by a well-meaning hand.

She adores and protects
each greening leaf,

growing deep roots for
the sadness yet to come.

Do we know, without doubt,
what vegetation dreams about?


11 thoughts on “Plant Dreams

  1. Nico, this is lovely, and I was glad to see you at my blog, because folks who comment get the first visits back. The whole poem regarding the little girl and her roots, vs. the final kicker, akin to “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” (!) was the perfect ending. Leave us food for thought. Great stuff, Amy


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