For Three Word Wednesday, prompt words indecision, option, fate.


A part of Fate is the freedom of man. –R. W. Emerson

Fate beckoned, bowed
on one knee, while
a sycamore swayed
in the breeze. Long
fingers pointed either way,
momentous indecision.
Impossible to weigh
every blazing option;
Fate condescends,
leaves fall
where they may.

Plant Dreams

This is for the good folks over at Bluebell Books. Thanks for the invite.

Plant Dreams

She is Queen of the Forest,
benevolent Sovereign of her

universe, every mound
of fertile soil her royal

playground. In this world
all life is an expression

of her will, touched
by a well-meaning hand.

She adores and protects
each greening leaf,

growing deep roots for
the sadness yet to come.

Do we know, without doubt,
what vegetation dreams about?


Three Word Wednesday, prompt words nasty, heat, cease.


Before we make fools
of ourselves
by nasty words
and worse actions;
when light and heat mingle
with quiet breath
and we are not ashamed;
depending on something
other than
what we wear, own, or believe;
that brief moment
that touches eternity,
yet precious
like a child, like a child.
Each morning an entrance
where knowledge vanishes,
prophecies fail,
tongues cease.

Peace that Passes All Understanding

A late, unrefined Three Word Wednesday. Prompt words bump, transfix, knuckle.

Peace that Passes All Understanding

He prayed, “Bless those fighting
for peace.” And I scratched
my head in wonder. How can
this be? The world waits
transfixed, fearing the loss
of all, and we ask Almighty God:

Bless us, O Lord, as we
march on to Zion,
beat plows into swords,
carve trees into clubs,
bump off every opponent,
raise bloody knuckles,
make peace by war.