For Three Word Wednesday, prompt words jitter, grace, thin.

~for Becky

Edging skyward, breathless
in thin air, the unknown pulsing
with expectation. We stood
overlooking the dark expanse
seeing, not seeing, a view
worth the climb. The moon
blushing in the glow of your skin.
You lean close and whisper,
mouth to ear, nearer. Near.
What grace did we wish in this
shared solitude,
beyond all, jittery
night creatures avoiding
the town’s lights? I remember,
and am glad we were there.

12 thoughts on “Near

  1. That exhilaration of doing something daring in the dark just with someone you trust, finding a new world, and sharing it with someone you love. So well captured I feel the rush of excitement now. So well written Nico.


  2. Ren, Thanks for journeying with me.

    Kim, Thank you–I'm rarely mistaken for a serious romantic, but I can come through if the situation arises!

    Oldegg, Love sometimes settles into a habit, a customary relationship with no spark. I think it's good to remember the spark from time to time. Thanks!

    Sheilagh, Your comments are always encouraging–thanks so much.

    Jae, Absolutely! Often, the anticipation is more rewarding than the outcome. Or at least as rewarding. Some events are simply perfect in every regard. Thanks.

    Susannah, Thank you for such a kind response–I'm happy you liked it!

    Linda, Isn't it great that we can go back and relive such pleasurable events through word and memory? Thanks for your kindness.

    Alt, I really wanted this one to come off well–always afraid of over-sentimentalizing these things, I rarely write romantic poems. Your approval means a lot to me, thanks!


  3. “The moon / blushing in the glow of your skin.” you do so paint a beautiful picture. truly “breathless” all the way to the end.


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