Family Tradition

Three-Word Wednesday, prompt words: stress, juicy, figure.

Family Tradition

At odds again. Head under
pillow he listens, loud words
shouted with spiteful stress.
Through thin walls neighbors
also hear, just a juicy
tidbit to share. Proficient
hands land on his tired
figure. He stifles sobs,
but nothing’s lost—his voice
grows stronger, fists harder,
every day saving up
the lessons learned
with more to follow.


12 thoughts on “Family Tradition

  1. Sheilagh, Poor fellow indeed. I'm thankful for my happy childhood.

    Alt., Some of us cope better than others–happily you made it out all right!

    Jae, Yes–and, God forbid, he may one day be big and strong enough to pass the tradition to his own children.


  2. Ms Pie, Thanks for stopping by and leaving such encouragement. Yeah, I stole the title from a Hank Williams Jr. song. Not every tradition passed down to our kids is so good, eh?


  3. Quite poignant. These were commonplace for me as a child, but the lessons you learn stay with you, although some seem to be reviewed and retaught! Regardless, they make you into the person you are.


  4. Kimberly,

    Thanks for the kind visit, and I'm happy my poem resonated with you. My comment on your blog was not just a return favor–I really think you slam dunked the prompt this week. You now have another regular reader!


  5. RMP,

    Thanks–you've written a few intense and sad poems yourself! Child abuse, to me, is one of the worst human actions, and I hoped to portray that sadness.


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