Alexander’s story II

Alexander’s story is finished–it took a pretty tragic turn. Chris, the hero, ended up with an arrow in the soft spot of his head (original illustration by the author, above), and the cyclops ended up winning all the battles. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

I thought they only had one eye

My son Alexander (7) is writing a book about a three-eyed cyclops. Believe it or not, I had trouble finding a picture of a three-eyed cyclops, so this one-eyed version will have to do.

I don’t want to give anything away, but so far the hero, Chris, has undergone training to fight the monster (which, as a three-eyed cyclops, must appear a monster even to his fellows); for some reason, in the middle of his training, Chris was tricked by his trainer to enter a girls’ bathroom–I guess it was to toughen him up for the battle ahead; a princess has died from an arrow shot straight down through the “soft spot” in the top of her head; and the cyclops has “freaked out” because his son and daughter died in battle. In an unexpected plot twist, the daughter turns out to be the very same above-mentioned princess.

That’s it so far, but with Alexander there is sure to be more to follow.